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This is a blog that I'm required to keep that's full of unedited, near stream-of-consciousness reactions to similarly required and related readings in a graduate course in N.C. State University's Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program. The way these posts are written help me interrogate and understand what's going on in our readings. I'm identifying what's troublesome so that I can give it more thought, but the posts aren't written in a style that's productive for audiences outside of our class to read. That's by design. I start with contestation, then spend heavens only knows how long researching, recutting, and reevaluating so that I can try and see what potentially productive readings I can extract from these source for use in my own work's contributions back to the field. Comments encouraged, but please, you'll likely need a thick skin if your work is quoted here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peace in 30 years. Thanks, technology! (Yeah, riiiight -- Noah)

From a link in Selber to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab:

We also believe that persuasive technology can bring about world peace in 30 years.

You know, I've spent some time where doing this in 30 years might be pushing it.

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