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This is a blog that I'm required to keep that's full of unedited, near stream-of-consciousness reactions to similarly required and related readings in a graduate course in N.C. State University's Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program. The way these posts are written help me interrogate and understand what's going on in our readings. I'm identifying what's troublesome so that I can give it more thought, but the posts aren't written in a style that's productive for audiences outside of our class to read. That's by design. I start with contestation, then spend heavens only knows how long researching, recutting, and reevaluating so that I can try and see what potentially productive readings I can extract from these source for use in my own work's contributions back to the field. Comments encouraged, but please, you'll likely need a thick skin if your work is quoted here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wow, CCCC, Collin's right; this *is* wack.

Collin Brooke's blog turned me on to this bizarre job description from the cccc.

The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) is seeking applications from CCCC members for a new position as CCCC Web Editor (to be distinguished from CCC Online Archivist). The CCCC Web Editor’s term will be three years (non-renewable) beginning as soon as possible after the application deadline and ending in December of 2011. This is a volunteer position.

Actual programming or Web building is not required. Instead, the CCCC Web Editor will have the responsibility of orchestrating uses of new Web building structures made available in the coming months (e.g., blogs, Wikis, Face Book and so on), moderating new community spaces, publishing relevant information, and working with NCTE/CCCC to develop a stronger Website with new features. We anticipate that after the initial restructuring period, no more than 5 to 10 hours per month will be required of the Web Editor's time.


5-10 hours, no html experience necessary, but you're a "web editor" that has to "orchestrate" "blogs, Wikis, Face Book [sic] and so on"? Fries with all that?

And so on? Ftw, yo? This is ill-conceived (a real tone down from what I wrote the first time).

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Susan said...

I laughed out loud imagining what you must have written at first! Yeah, I saw this ad in my email inbox and promptly deleted it. It was one of those I'm-too-busy-to-even-comprehend-what-they're-thinking days. I don't get it.